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Consider A USDA Loan
Regulation Rural Development FHA
Resale Time Restriction
Ref: HUD ML 2003-07 & 2005-05
No Restriction 90 days minimum
Upfront MIP/Guarentee fee 3.5% 1.00%
Annual MI None 1.15% > 95% LTV,  1.10% < 95%LTV
Down Payment None Required 3.5%
Loan Amount based on… Up To 103.5%  102% of Appraised Value* Lower of Sale Price or Appraisal
Seller Contribution Limit None 6%
Loan Limits None Yes
Income Limits Yes No
Gifts allowed Yes Yes
Consumer Credit (CCCS, etc.) permission
required if borrower in debt program (Manual
Underwrite Only)
No Yes
Non-Purchasing Spouse allowed Yes Yes **Restrictions apply
Borrower allowed to borrow closing costs on
unsecured basis
Yes No
Temporary Buydown Can qualify at start rate with
compensating factors
Must qualify at full note rate Ref:
ML 2004-28
Qualifying Ratios 29%/41%* Flexibility Allowed 31%/43%* Flexibility Allowed
*Note: Because of the method used by USDA RD to calculate the amount of Guarantee Fee that can be added above appraised value the actual LTV may be slightly above 103.5% but for purposes of discussion we will use the 103.5%.

Note: Only all or a portion of the Guarantee Fee up to3.5% can exceed the appraised value. Refer to Guarantee Fee calculation details available in the Rural Development Financing Guide. FHA loan for MIP purposes assumes > 15 year term.
• FHA purchase loans with as little as 3.5% down
• Credit Scores can be as low as 640 (Varies)
• Non-Traditional credit allowed on FHA loans
• Refinance up to 97% of the appraised value
• FHA Cash-out refinances up to 85% of the appraised value
• Seller can credit up to 6% of sales price toward buyers closing costs
• Gifts funds for down payment and closing costs allowed on FHA loans
• No cash reserves required
• Non-Occupying Borrowers allowed to help qualify

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FAX 440-884-5034 



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