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Tools and Web Site links:

Locate an Approved (underwriting) Participating Lender.

  • Consult with your local Rural Development Office for Lenders in your area

  • Rural Development Nationally Approved Lender List

  • Any lender may participate in the program regardless of Rural Development approval status.  Contact Rural Development for assistance.

Brochure and guides:

Locate a Rural Development office. 

  • Even though you will not be applying directly to Rural Development for the loan, you may want additional information.  Or perhaps you will want to pass along the Rural Development contact information to your realtor or builder, or loan officer.

    • The Rural Development Office Locator website is:  http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/recd_maps.html  Or you can go to the home page of Rural Development for your state to find a listing of their offices.

    • You can always look us up in the telephone directory blue pages under “United States Department of Agriculture”, and then look for “Rural Development” or “Rural Housing Service.

 How do you get started?

  • Educate yourself on the Guaranteed Loan Program by reviewing all of the information on this site and the "eligibility" web site.

  • Set up an appointment with the mortgage lender of your choice for your pre-approval determination. The Agency maintains a list of nationally approved underwriting lenders.  Any branch of these lenders can accept your application. 

  • If you have any questions, contact your local Rural Development office.

For assistance with any of the topics outlined on this page, additional training needs, or finding an approved lender in your area,
please contact any member of  the Ohio Rural Development Guaranteed Rural Housing Staff.

Jerry Greenbaum Guaranteed Housing Specialist Jerry.Greenbaum@oh.usda.gov 614-255-2405
Denise Hobbs Guaranteed Housing Specialist Denise.Hobbs@oh.usda.gov 614-255-2406
Vince Paumier Guaranteed Housing Specialist Vince.Paumier@oh.usda.gov 614-255-2404
Jessie Burke Guaranteed Housing Specialist Jessie.Burke@oh.usda.gov 614-255-2408
Kim Graham Guaranteed Housing Technician Kim.Graham@oh.usda.gov 614-255-2410
Danielle Carmany Guaranteed Housing Technician Danielle.Carmany@oh.usda.gov 614-255-2516
Teresa Connell Housing Assistant Teresa.Connell@oh.usda.gov 614-255-2400


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Loan Officer 
VM/Cell (216) 324-8113 
FAX 440-884-5034 



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